Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cognitive Imperial, I

Cognitive imperialism is a fancy-pants way of describing the act of convincing others to a particular way of thinking; that is building an empire of thought.

Yes, I did major in Arts at university and so undertook philosophy, psychology, literature and other perverse studies. Fear not however! I quickly saw the error of my ways and changed to a double major of computing and marketing in the school of business (I actually wanted a job when I finished).

So this blog is my cognitive imperialism, my attempt to express my world view in a way that conquors the thoughts of others and sways them to hold my beliefs. Failing that I'll just discuss my thoughts on cars, motor-sport, computing, home improvement and possibly current events relating to free thought. So in other words much like every other blog. I will attempt to provide some level of contraversial or maybe thought provoking content, or in the case of my computing discussions, useful solutions to ugly problems.

So with no more time wasted on introductions I will present my first mind expanding thought:
Farts, along with sudden groin hits, are surely the only universal comedy. I recon that if aliens were to land and we wanted to give them a good giggle all we need to do is wait for a dramatic pause in the greetings and let loose with a good, loud and squeeky fart. What a way to break the galactic ice?

That aside I'll be back to discuss my current wood-working project: a bedside table! Hooray for excitement.

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